Getting from fatsoh to babe status
June 10, 2012

June 10, 2012

June 1st measurements

Weight: 260lbs
Height: 5’7”
BMI: 42%
Chest: 48”
Arm: R: 16.5” L: 16.5”
Stomach: 57”
Thigh: R: 29.5” L: 30.5”
Calf: R: 18” L: 18”

Pant size: 20 
Tshirt size: XL
Shoe Size: 10W
Bra Size: 40 DD

Smiles tell lies. Look into my eyes and you’ll see the sadness.

Smiles tell lies. Look into my eyes and you’ll see the sadness.

The begining.

Dear Chezaraye,

I’m so sorry I let this happen to you. I’m sorry that I gave up on you so easily. I knew that the way I ate or the way I drank would bring you to this point, but I didn’t realize it would have been this quickly. We’ve tried over and over, and failed over and over. You’ve blamed this on everyone, but you know it’s your own fault. You need to quit making bad decisions and start making good ones. Eat healthy, work out frequently, and get happy. You know you deserve to be happy right? You deserve a chance to prove to people you are who you pretend to be. You’ve even fooled yourself into thinking you were happy. Why do you take so many medications? Why do you feel like you could sleep all day? Why do you drown yourself in being the life of the party? Don’t forget how you feel right now this second. Lonely. Tired. Anxious. Fat. Ugly. Depressed. Worthless. Angry. Sad. Jealous. Worthless. You can change it tonight. You can change the direction you want your life to go into. You keep saying you only live once. So make yourself happy. Too much of a good thing will destroy you. Be nice to me? Keep thinking in the back of your mind, what if you started thinking about this a year ago? Two years? Three? Five? How would you have turned out? Stay strong and the results will come quicker than you think. I love you.